“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”
— Dalai Lama

Lifestyle Collections are designed to capture life as it is!

Whether it’s at a Sports Game Family Outing, celebrating a Big Birthday or a new Family Member,

or just in need of a day out on the town with the girls and a few Mimosas!

These collections are a great way to take a break and let us focus on the fun parts of life!

Lifestyle Collections

"All fun, No rest"

Up to 3o Minutes
Up to 1 Location
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store

Great package for those quick Life Updates; Year Old pictures, Smash Cake Sessions or even a mini Sports Tournament Session!


"Capturing The Moments"

Up to 1 Hour
Up to 2 Locations
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store

The perfect package for a Baby Shower/Gender Reveal, a Birthday or even a trip to the zoo! Enjoy the moments while letting me capture the memories!


"Living Life"

Up to 90 Minutes
Up to 3 Locations
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store

Girls Day Out?! Attending a Big Event and want some "Behind the Scenes" coverage?! This is the perfect package for longer events that need a little extra!


A la carte options

Extra Time/Locations

All sessions are welcome to add on extra time and locations if the photographer has the ability to do so the day of the session.


Extra Time: 30 Minutes - $45

Extra Location: $25

Thumb Drive w/ Images

One of my favorite things about doing sessions such as Weddings and Bridal Sessions is being able to share the moments of the day with my clients. One of the best ways for me to do that is to provide you with a custom Thumb Drive with all of your images on it. This can be customized in many different ways!

Thumb Drive: $100

Boudoir Party


This is a great party add-on for those LADIES ONLY Events such as Bridal Showers, Baby Showers or just a Classic G.N.O!

All Collections are welcome to add a Boudoir Session if one is not included in your package!

For any collections that do not contain a Boudoir Session, you will receive 15% off any

Boudoir Collection you choose!

*See Boudoir Collections here!*

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." -John Lennon


What is a Lifestyle session?!

A lifestyle session is really just a session dedicated to you, your family.... your life!

This is a session where I capture and document real-life events, situations or milestone sin an artistic manner and the art of the everyday life.

How do we prepare for our Lifestyle Photoshoot?

These shoots are meant to be natural and authentic! Be comfortable in what you are wearing.

Have something planned! If this shoot is for just you, include some things you love to do: coloring, baking, drinking coffee with a good book!

If its for your family, let's make some cookies, or go for a hike or a trip to the zoo!

Still need some ideas? Give me a shout, we can explore some together!

Do you shoot Girls Days?!


Shoots that are all about friendship, love and happiness are truly my favorite. Add in some Mimosas, Nail Polish, Face masks or even a good ole pillow fight and I am SO IN!

Everything from a Bridal Shower to a Baby Shower or even a 21st birthday! I will be right along side you to capture all the fun.

Do you do Smash Cake or Birthday Sessions?

One awesome thing about SHR Photography is that I offer a Personalized Mini Smash Cake to all the birthday people!

When booking a Milestone Session or a Smash Cake Session, let me know if you would like me to get something ordered for you! I also include a small set of balloons (2-4) in your choice of colors!

Time to Work It!

Alright! Don't back out now! Send me a message and let's get this party started. I am here every step of the way for any planning questions, venue questions, or anything else you may need help with!

What are some fun facts about you? What are your hobbies/interests? What parts of life do you want to remember most when you look back at your photos?!

Be open and honest! I'm here for it all!

When I am doing your photos, what do you want me to capture the most?!

What about my photography style grabs your attention and makes you want to work with me?