Sydney Heuler-Ruffino

Hello! I am so excited that you have stopped by to check me out!

My name is Sydney- Syd for short! I'm a Wife, Dog Mom and a lover of Photography and Children! While going to college to get my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, I have also been working on my Photography skills and growing my business. 

A few fun facts about me, I almost always have a coffee in my hand or in my car! If it’s not coffee, then its music playing somewhere! I love having some sort of background music on while I am doing a session or even just working around the house. I am a huge Country Music Fan as well as a huge adventurer.

My husband and I are always looking for somewhere new to travel to and explore – of course, the camera is going with us wherever we end up!

Being raised in Nebraska, you can be sure to find us somewhere on a back road!

If I am not at a session, I am at home snuggled up on the couch with my fur babies, my family and just enjoying all that life has to offer! I am a firm believer in Jesus, living life to the fullest and always wearing a smile on my face! Life is too short to not share a smile with someone throughout the day.

You never know whose life you could change by sending a smile their way!

My Built-In Assistant

God blessed me with one crazy little sister growing up, but over the years, we have started to really grow closer together and it has been such a blessing! She is 3 years younger than me, therefore she is slightly more up-to-date on all the "cool" trends and what not!

She recently started to form an interest in my business and over time, I have made her my assistant!

My Safe Place, My Backboard &

My Adventure Buddy

You know those stories where an old friend calls and says one of their friends is interested in you and you meet and its just SPARKS?!

Well, that was my husband and I a little over 4 years ago! Time has flown by for us, chasing so many adventures and our dreams, we have taken life by the horns and are making our way through it all together.

He is the brains behind SHR Photography when it comes to the money, the technical stuff and so much more! I wouldn't be able to run my business as successfully as I do if it wasn't for the help of him!

My Family

Family is everything to me, which is one of the big reasons I started Photography!

I love spending time with those who make me Laugh, Smile and just help me enjoy life a little more!

We are all always on the move, so anytime we get to spend time together, it is always a blast!

Family Dinner nights, Movie nights or even just a BBQ down at the lake, we soak up all the time together that we can!