First Things First

As a photographer, one of the most important things that immediately comes to mind when thinking about a shoot is the time of day I will be out and about. Lighting is key to any photoshoot. Having a scene that is softly lit with a little bit of warmth is perfect!


Anytime in the morning (7am-10am) is perfect timing to capture the best photos without having to harsh of lighting and reflection of colors and shadows on the skin tones. Depending on the season, you may be able to shoot earlier around 6am or 6:30am - of course with a cup of coffee! ;) On the flip side to a morning shoot, you can consider an afternoon/evening shoot. These are usually anywhere between (4pm-9pm; season pending). Afternoon/evening shoots open the door to beautiful color with lots of sunlight and golden "filters".

Feel rather than Look

When clients choose a location, a lot of time they go with a location that they like the look of. When I begin the booking process, I ask clients what they are getting photos done for as well as what their style for the shoot is. The word "Style" is our key word here. When talking about style, I am referring to the feel of the photos or the "vibe" as the cool kids call it.

Are you wanting something more rustic & outdoorsy


do you want something more classic & elegant?

Clients often have a vision in their head of what they want their final images to look like. I want to ensure that we can achieve that look for you as well as possible.

Below are some words that can help you choose which look and feel you want for your final images.

Thus, helping you to choose the best location for the session:

  • Ethereal: This can be an open field, nature park, or a bright location with little to no busyness in the background like buildings.

  • Nature/natural/Rustic: This a simple landscape, we can find lots of green grass and tall trees. This will provide you a more natural feel to the photos. We can also find a field with flowers and wispy/tall grasses.

  • High fashion/urban: This is definitely in a busy neighborhood or downtown area with lots of big buildings, reflective windows, and metal accents. This element will give lots of contrast to the photos and the look and feel of a busy city.

  • Vintage: This can mean either old architectural buildings with wooden doors and big arches or it can mean that you want a location where there are lots of vintage accents, like a neighborhood of restored or historical homes. Small towns are perfect for this kind of vibe!

  • Warm/homey: These words are a little broad but they can mean that the session can happen at a nice warm location like a field or during sunset at the beach. Homey can mean that you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, which can mean a location you frequent often even within your own home.

  • Lake/Beach: The time of day will give you the look and feel. The morning will give you a more blue and pink hue whereas during sunset you’ll get the beautiful golden hour lighting. With locations such as these, it is important to pick times that will reflect properly with what you are wanting to capture in your images.

  • Meaningful location to the client: Yes, this is an option as well! Especially for engagement sessions because it can be really meaningful to have the photo session at a location where you met, or where you got engaged, or simply where you may spend a lot of their time together. This is also important for clients celebrating anniversaries or a really important milestone, like graduating from high school or college.

TIme of season

As I mentioned before, the time of the session is very important in achieving the best photos. The season in which we shoot also depends on the location. Summer and Spring seasons give us gorgeous vibrant colors that will pop in our photos. Fall and Winter seasons tend to provide softer, lighter colors where we might get the colder blues, grays and whites.

Home decor

This is a strange topic but makes sense! Think about your home and what kind of decor you already have around the place. When booking a session, you're probably wanting to do some sort of redecorating or updating of things. With that being said, these photos are more than likely going to be put in your home somewhere! Choose a backdrop (location) that would compliment your space in which you are wanting to decorate.


Accessibility, Travel and Permits - these are all things to consider when choosing your location. Is your location accessible by driving or do we have to do some walking to reach the final destination? How long will it take us to get to where we're going - can the kids handle a long drive (30+ minutes)? Do we need a permit to shoot at a specific spot - I encourage clients to research they're preferred venue ahead of time to obtain information on hours of operation, cost of entrance, needed information to shoot on the property and more.