RAW Images

Let's talk about this!

So you booked me for your photoshoot and you're curious what the RAW files are that I keep mentioning when discussing your photos.

RAW images are basically like our negatives as photographers. These "negatives" are like handing you a painting with no paint on it. It's a blank canvas that allows for so much work to be done in order to make it a true piece of art. RAW Images are technically not images at all, nor are they files. They are the unprocessed or minimally processed data from the image sensor within my cameras. They are named RAW files because they are not yet processed and therefore are not ready to be printed, viewed or edited.

You may have heard that RAW Images need special software to access and edit, this is true, they offer a level of flexibility and creative control that is unmatched by other file formats.

By capturing complete data from the camera's sensor, I am able to fine-tune your images in post-processing to achieve my unique artistic vision. While RAW files may appear dull and flat at first glance, they hold immense potential for creative expression and are a key tool in my photographer toolkit. It's this level of control and artistic freedom that draws people to a my work, and we appreciate the skill and dedication it takes to create stunning images with RAW files.

It’s an industry "rule" to only deliver edited images!

Why I Don't Offer RAW Images

I have spent quite a bit of time defining and perfecting my style. I have built my brand by producing consistent images within this style. When potential clients come across my work, they know exactly what to expect when they book with me! Every image you see on my website has been carefully processed and created to fit my style and vision. When clients stumble upon my work, I want them to feel confident in knowing they're getting exactly what they saw and bought: Colorful, Light and Warm images.

If someone does have the required software to work with RAW files and they edit the photos themselves, the chances are that they are not going to match their photographer’s style. Which means that their final edit would be a misrepresentation of the photographer’s work. In this case, if an image posted online is of less quality than what the professional photographer would typically deliver, it will likely harm the photographer’s reputation. Moreover, if potential customers come across the same image edited multiple ways, they might think that the photographer is lacking consistency in their work.

To help you understand what a raw image looks like, I have it to the right. What I do to my images and why I promise you want the final images more:

-Change exposure, white balance, colors individually, sometimes take off blemishes if needed, take out distracting nature (rocks etc) if needed, change shadows, change lens correction and the list goes on and on. It took 3.5 years to get to this point in my career, so trust me when I say you are hiring your photographer not only for their eye when shooting but their eye when editing. If for some reason you do not love their editing style, then find one you love to hire so that you are stoked about the final product. At the end of the day know we are here to serve you and want you to find the best photographer for you!



Since editing is very much a part of the photography experience, if I were to deliver RAW images it would basically be like a baker delivering raw ingredients on a wedding day, instead of the fully baked and decorated cake :) Enjoy the experience of using a professional photographer whose work you love because their unique talent cannot be replicated anywhere else!