Couples & Engagement

"We are most alive when we're in love."
- John Updike

Life is short, but feels like forever when your doing it with the one you love most! 

Whether its a special occasion or just a little time together, let's capture some moments full of love, happiness and beauty that you will treasure forever!

Couples & Engagement Collections

"Happy Anywhere"

$265 + tax

1 Hour
2 Locations
2 Outfits
Hair/Makeup Artist (Additional Cost - Optional)
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High-Quality Prints

"Just The Way"

$325 + tax

1 Hour & 30 Minutes
3 Locations
3 Outfits
Hair/Makeup Artist (Additional Cost - Optional)
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High-Quality Prints

A la carte options

Extra Time/Locations

All sessions are welcome to add on extra time and locations if the photographer has the ability to do so the day of the session.


Extra Time: 30 Minutes - $45

Extra Location: $25

Custom Creative Edits

Custom Creative Edits are photos taken during your session that get a little extra T.L.C than the other photos during the editing process!

These images are custom made by me to reveal something special about you as a couple!

Whether its an Engagement Date, a Save the Date Card or a little Love Quote that you two adore; these things are carefully placed onto your photos to help create a more special moment!

Custom Creative Edits: $15/Edit

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." —Aristotle


We are recently engaged, when should we schedule our Engagement photos?

First off, CONGRATS! I am so excited for you and even more excited to be on your radar as a possible photographer!

As you begin to start wedding planning, you will realize you need photos! I recommend having Engagement photos done within the first 3 months of being engaged, of course if your timeframe allows for it. This will provide you the chance to use those photos for Save the Dates, Engagement Party Announcements and of course, Wedding Invitations!

*In need of some extra Wedding Planning help?! Ask me! YES - I am a Certified Wedding Planner!!*

What do we wear?!

One of the cool things about being a photographer is I have so many ideas on what outfits go well with what seasons and what will look great in front of the camera! I have put together different Pinterest Boards for you to check out if you need any assistance with outfits!

Of course though, wear what you are most comfortable in. Now, no sweatpants and hoodies, but definitely your favorite pair of skinny jeans with that soft sweater or those great khaki pants and the perfect polo!

Here's the link to check out those Inspo Boards!

How can we make our Couples Session fun and romantic even though we aren't engaged?

The fun thing about Couple's Sessions is that they are all about you as a couple! I try and make sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible! I have learned over the years that the best way to make a couple feel easy going at their session is to talk with them; Get to know what they do, who they are as people and what they love most about doing life together!

Trust me, 15 minutes in and you will feel like we have known each other for a while!

When can we expect our photos back?

I promise you'll have your photos with in 2-4 weeks, although I get super excited after a session that I tend to start editing that very night! So...expect some sneak peeks or even a mini gallery reveal within the first 5 days after your session!

Pucker Up!

Well, are you ready to plan a "Date Day" with your S/O?! If so, then here's what you gotta do!

Send me a message over there to the right and let's get something planned. Be sure to let me know if this is an Engagement Session, Anniversary Session or just a fun little something special for the two of you! No matter what we are getting ready for, be sure to expect a bottle of Champagne (Of course if you're 21+!) to pop during your session for a little extra MAGIC!

Engaged?! YAY! Anniversary? How Long?! Just Because? Let's Do This!

Tell me a little about the two of you! Where did you two meet? What did you think when you first saw your partner? What are some things you enjoy doing together?

What about my photography style grabs your attention and makes you want to work with me?