engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey
It's almost the big day!

Hey Hey!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and your relationship! From the little details to the big honeymoon at the end, nothing should feel short from amazing as you share in your "new beginning" with your loved ones by your side!

Your biggest Supporter!

When it comes to your wedding day, I am not only your photographer, I am your assistant and backboard. You are my main focus on the day of the wedding, whatever you say goes! You may have heard before that the photographer is not just the photographer. It's true - I wear many hats on the day of the wedding.

I can be your:

  • Unofficial Planner
  • Backup Driver
  • Hype Girl
  • Tissue Holder
  • Flower Keeper
  • Dress Fluffer - my ultimate favorite job! #pictureperfect
  • Snack & Drink Grabber
  • Ring Transporter - I have many pockets and hiding spots!
  • Secret keeper
  • Security Guard

Most of all, I will be your memory keeper. No matter what the day brings, it is my absolute top priority to capture all the love and excitement that I can. Our wedding days happen so fast that half the time, we forget what even goes on - trust me! It will go quick! My biggest tip for you, let everything go with the flow and all will be fine!

I have your back!

engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey
engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey
engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey

Timeline Details

Your timeline will depend on the hours of coverage we plan for. Some days can be short while some are long and packed.

No matter the length of coverage you have, the timeline will always look something like this:

  1. Getting Ready Photos
  2. 1-2 hours
  3. First Looks (If Wanted - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!)
  4. 15-30 Minutes
  5. Bride + Groom Portraits (If First Look is done)
  6. 15 - 30 Minutes
  7. Wedding Party Portraits
  8. 15 - 30 Minutes
  9. Family Photos (If First Look is done)
  10. 15 - 30 Minutes+ (Depends on # of groupings)
  11. Ceremony
  12. Length Varies
  13. Bride + Groom Portraits
  14. 15 - 20 Minutes
  15. Family Photos (If Family arrived late; First Look wasn't done)
  16. 15 - 30 Minutes+ (Depends on # of groupings)
  17. Wedding Party Fun Portraits
  18. 15 - 30 Minutes
  19. Reception
  20. Bride + Groom Sunset Portraits
  21. More Reception!



What's in your camera bag?

I use Nikon for my 2 camera bodies along with 2 Godox off-camera flashes. I use a wide variety of Prime and Zoom lenses throughout the wedding day to capture different photos at various distances.

If you'd like a more detailed equipment list, just let me know!

What's one piece of advice for our wedding day from a photographer's standpoint?

Splurge on an awesome (tidy) hotel room or a unique (tidy) location for your getting ready photos. Do a first look with your soon-to-be! Keep lighting as natural as possible by utilizing windows and outdoor locations. Don't let your DJ talk you into colored mood lighting at your reception. Outdoor receptions are best for natural light photographers. Have your ceremony close to sunset if you're getting married outside! #gorgeousphotos

Splurge on the photographer and videographer of your dreams (your photos and videos will outlive your cake and flowers), and the great outdoors will always make for prettier backdrops than indoor locations.

What is a first look?

A wedding time-saver! Just trust me!
Jokes aside, it is a great way to share a special moment with your soon-to-be in a private setting with just the two of you and myself capturing all the tears, smiles, laughs and whatever else happens! These photos are perfect for any bride that wants the "waterworks" scene but none of the extra eyes.

First looks can also be done with the father of the bride, or anyone else for that matter!

Why should we hire you for our wedding?

The minute you first message me, I consider you apart of my "SHR Fam"! I make it a promise to walk every client through their photo process as clearly and easily as I can. Planning a wedding is stressful as it is and I want to be sure I can support and help in any way possible.

No matter what bumps you hit along the road in planning, you can always count on me to be there to help. Your big day is all about you, therefore I will be your rock through the day, allowing you to focus on the important parts, everyone that you love gathering around while knowing that your Wedding Photography needs are taken care of.

My job is to take great pictures for you, yes, but it is also to help remove all of the stress from your day so that you can enjoy it and live every moment to the fullest!

Do you offer a second photographer for all weddings?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no! Allow me to explain. We already have discussed that weddings take quite a bit of planning and can sometimes be BIG! Depending on the size of the wedding, the length of the day and how much coverage you are wanting, we will discuss the options of bringing in another photographer!

Typically, with bringing in another photographer, I coordinate the date/time with fellow photographers in the area to see who would be the best fit to join me on your Special Day! These photographers are all highly talented and are great assets to the wedding day coverage when the day requires an extra set of eyes to capture details from a vantage point!

When can we expect our photos back? How many do we get?

I promise you'll have your photos with in 10-15 weeks.

I do begin editing within the first week to follow you wedding, so...expect some sneak peeks or even a mini gallery reveal within the first 2-4 weeks after your wedding!

I get asked this question all the time! The answer is truly - it depends on a number of things:
-The number of guests
- The hours of coverage
- The types of events
- Hours of dancing
and so forth!

If you have questions about image quantity, let's chat about your wedding day plans! This would help me provide some insight and a little more detailed explanation and estimate!

Do we get the RAW Files (Unedited Images)?

The RAW (unedited) files are not available for viewing or purchase. This is very much like asking your host at dinner reservations for the leftover ingredients used to make your meal.

The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards and everything that is not delivered doesn't meet those said standards.

Please rest assured that images that are not delivered are truly outtakes! I do not cull to meet a certain number, but to ensure that all photos you receive are to the highest level of quality possible!

engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey
engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey
engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey
engagement + wedding + elopement photographer - Mount Holly, Burlington county new jersey

All About YOU!

Wedding days are meant to be a celebration for the couple. As not only your photographer but also your certified wedding planner, I encourage you to communicate, express and venture into whatever it is you want for your big day. The best ways to find what you're looking for is to research, create and enjoy.

Are weddings stressful?!


What big and important day isn't?!

Your wedding doesn't have to be something to be nervous about or feel scared of. It should be a time to enjoy with your spouse as you become united as one. Feel free to express any concerns to me as you go through the process of planning. I have worked with many couples over the years,

and have learned that there are no stupid or crazy ideas when it comes to creating the day that you both will remember for a lifetime.

Wedding days are crazy, but the planning doesn't have to be. Talk with your partner, share ideas, laughs and lots of love.

The more you work together on this, the happier you will be with the end results.

You have all the tools, knowledge and ideas to make this day as special and important as you want it to be.


just keep smiling!

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