For The Ladies


We as women, adore a good pair of shoes - no matter the pain they may cause us, including a good pair of heels to accentuate the legs and booty! But let's both agree, we know how uncomfortable and hard to walk in they can be! I recommend bringing another pair of shoes to walk in as needed!

When choosing an outfit with patter, it is important to choose a patter that is not too small - it may accidentally make your photo look a little too busy. Opt for a softer, larger pattern instead.

When shopping around for colors and outfits, try to find something of a lighter, softer pastel color! These tend to photograph better than bright colors - less reflection off the skin's natural complexion.


Jewelry should be a statement piece of an outfit rather than just blending in. It is a great way to add simple color or patterns to a soft dress.

When picking a dress, think about a tulle detail or even some soft lace! Sleeves with texture are a great way to help slim the arms. Dresses photography beautifully if they are flowy or have a fit & flare style. Always choose an. outfit you feel comfortable in, but don't be afraid to dress up sis!

Favorite Shops

Shopping for the perfect outfit can be exhausting! Check out these places to find the right thing for you!




Baltic Born


American Eagle

J. Crew

Altar'd State

Rent The Runway

Plus Size Options:






Hair & makeup

With your wedding comes hair & makeup! Splurge & spend the time feeling pampered and good. Engagement sessions are the perfect time to schedule a hair & makeup trial! Professionally done hair & makeup lasts longer than typical everyday wear. It also tends to hold up better in humidity and wind.

It is equally important for you to look AND feel your best for your photos - and if you're planning to do a trial anyways, the engagement session is a great time to test out your final look on camera! ;)


We're here for the ring - obviously! Throughout your shoot, I will ask you to flash that fancy, shiny thing around or hold hands with your partner. You of course want your hands to be looking just as good as that diamond. It's a good idea to clean up your nails before your session - make a date out of it and take your man with you! Don't forget about those toes if you're wearing open toed shoes!

I recommend sticking to colors that compliment your skin tone (pastel pinks, pure whites, true reds, deep navys, soft nudes, bright pinks, light glitters).

For the Gents!


We all know, gentlemen prefer the simple things in life - therefore going over the top and getting overly fancy is probably not their cup of tea. However, if it is your vibe to go with a suit and tie, don't let me stop you! Ever been a groomsmen?! Pull out that suit you had to wear and layer it with a blazer and a fun tie. Dress it down a little with a nice pair of jeans and maybe even a bowtie!

When choosing patterns, be sure to choose something that is not too small - it may cause the photos to look a little busy. Softer, pastel colors tend to photography perfectly. Depending on the weather, consider a warm and cozy sweater or flannel with a layered shirt underneath. Add a button up over a classic tee and leave it open for a laid back look with an edge.

Favorite Shops

Although women can be harder to shop for, men also have a particular style they may want to achieve.



Boot Barn

American Eagle

J. Crew

Men's Wearhouse



Urban Outfitters