"Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."


Pricing & Packages

"Little Moments"


"Little Moments"


Up to 30 Minutes
1 Location
1-5 People
Print Release
Digital Gallery (20+ Images)
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High Quality Prints & More

"Family Tree"


"Family Tree"


Up to 1 Hour
Up to 2 Locations
6+ People (Max. of 10; anyone over is an extra $5)
Print Release
Digital Gallery (40+ Images)
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High Quality Prints

We Are Family!

(Cue Sister Sledge!)

Family sessions are the perfect combo of personality filled interaction and posed moments! During our time together, I love to get to know the families by asking funny questions or having you do some funny actions to help prompt you so that you can express authentic and real moments and expressions with your loved ones. We all know, the one person who isn't always a fan of family photo day is - Dad - and that's ok! It is my job to help ensure that even he is comfortable and having fun.

These sessions typically are done outdoors with all the gorgeous lighting and color we can get. I LOVE shooting outside because it is the perfect canvas for true moments with those around you. Speaking of who's around you - bring out the fam, the grandparents too! Even the puppers can join - only if they're allowed to get treats and lots of lovin's (I do encourage you to bring an extra set of hands for our 4-legged friends for when they're not in the photos)! Of course, family sessions can be as big or as small as you want. I love to see all your smiling faces and beautiful moments between one another.

Upon booking a shoot, you will receive a few emails that contain links to help you prepare for your shoot with ease!

A few things I highly recommend taking into consideration when booking a session are:


The best times to shoot a session are during what we photographers love to call "GOLDEN HOUR" (either an hour before sunrise or an hour before sunset). This light is absolutely flattering on any and all skin tones - giving you the perfect glow! Plan on shooting for an hour if you want this lighting! I would also recommend shooting a session anytime before 10:30am and anytime after 5pm if possible.


In all honesty, one of my FAVORITE times of the year to shoot is during the fall season (September - November). This is also known as my "busy season" for all things family, engagements and the occasional Mini Session. You will have more opportunities for Mini Sessions during the summer months as these sessions can be longer in time and may include more fun activities. Sessions can be done all year round. However, the colder months do tend to be a little harder to shoot in due to low temps, possible weather and tough timelines with lighting opportunties.

What to Bring:

I recommend bringing the following things to your session!

  • Child Essentials (diaper bag)
  • Snacks (nothing messy/stainable; avoid reds and blues/purples and chocolate)
  • Stroller (if we have a longer walk)
  • Change of clothing for kids
  • Drinks (Sippy cup or bottle of water)
  • Wipes for Messes (I do carry Baby Wipes and Clorox Wipes)
  • Brush
  • Hair Clips/Hairspray/Gel (Bobby Pins are perfect for flyaways)
  • Pajamas to change in to when the session is over (later evening sessions)

*I do tend to bring a few blankets, pillows or little props.

Less is more with family sessions - please don't bring any additional items*