Weddings & Bridal

"I think I wanna marry you”
- Bruno Mars

SHR Photography offers a wide variety of collections for your special day!

With the option to choose from our Wedding Collections designed for bigger weddings

or our Elopement Collections created for those smaller and more intimate days,

each couple is sure to find the right fit for them!

For every wedding booked with me, the Bride and Groom will receive a Free Engagement Session, a custom Bridal Session, all their images in an Online Gallery with Download Access as well as the ability to order Prints, Canvases, Wall Art and more to make their Big Day feel

Oh So Special!

Wedding Collections

"This Is It"

$1450 + tax

Up to 7 hours of coverage
1 Photographer
3 Custom Creative Edits tailored specifically to the Bride & Groom
Engagement Session (1 Hour)
Bridal Session (2 Hours)

"You Make It Easy"

$1700 + tax

*Most Popular Package*
Up to 9 hours of coverage
1 Photographer
(2nd Photographer - Additional $250)
5 Custom Creative Edits tailored specifically to the Bride & Groom
Engagement Session (1 Hour & 30 Minutes)
Bridal Session (2 Hours)

"Big, Big Plans"

$1950 + tax

Up to 12 hours of coverage
1 Photographer
(2nd Photographer - Additional $250)
10 Custom Creative Edits tailored specifically to the Bride & Groom
Engagement Session (2 Hours)
Bridal Session (3 Hours)

Elopement Collections

*For smaller weddings*

Be unique, make your own traditions, don't stress having to do the same as everyone else!

Forge your own path and make your own memories.

One thing about me is I LOVE adventures and seeing new places and faces.

Elopement collections are perfect for those smaller and more intimate weddings that only need 2-4 hours of coverage to capture the moments and memories that mean the most!

Send me a message today to discuss pricing and options!

Bridal Collections


$265 + tax

1 Hour
1 Location (Studio/Outdoors)
Professional Hair & Makeup
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High-Quality Prints & More


$375+ tax

2 Hours
2 Locations (Studio/Outdoors)
Professional Hair & Makeup
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High-Quality Prints & More


$415 + tax

3 Hours
2 Locations (Studio/Outdoors)
Professional Hair & Makeup
Print Release
Digital Gallery
Download Access
Online Store to purchase High-Quality Prints & More

What is a bridal session?!

A Bridal session is your chance to re-think about your hair and makeup!

It's a chance to put all those little details that you've worked so hard on:

The shoes, earrings and necklace and see how it all looks together.

On your wedding day, you want to look absolutely perfect!

Your Bridal Photos can help you make little modifications that your look may need.

Think of this as your "rehearsal" for the big day!

Each gal is welcome to bring up to 6 of her closest loved ones to help her shine like that diamond on her hand!

A la carte options

Bridal/Boudoir Sessions

All sessions are welcome to add a Bridal or Boudoir Session if one is not included in your Collection!

For any collections that do not contain a Bridal or Boudoir Session, you will receive 15% off any

Bridal/ Boudoir Collection you choose!

*See Boudoir Collections here!*

*See above for Bridal Collections!*

Thumb Drive w/ Images

One of my favorite things about doing sessions such as Weddings and Bridal Sessions is being able to share the moments of the day with my clients. One of the best ways for me to do that is to provide you with a custom Thumb Drive with all of your images on it. This can be customized in many different ways!

Thumb Drive: $100

Custom Creative Edits

Custom Creative Edits are photos taken during your session that get a little extra T.L.C than the other photos during the editing process!

These images are custom made by me to reveal something special about you as a couple!

Whether its an Engagement Date, a Save the Date Card or a little Love Quote that you two adore; these things are carefully placed onto your photos to help create a more special moment!

Custom Creative Edits: $15/Edit

"You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete" - George Strait


How far in advance do we need to meet with you about our Wedding plans?

I recommend meeting with me within the first 3 months of your engagement if you are planning a wedding that is within the next 9-12 months. This gives us time to get all the details put together, along with any Engagement photos that need to be taken for any Stationary Items.

Why should we hire you for our wedding photography needs?

The minute you first message me, I consider you apart of my "SHR Fam"! I make it a promise to walk every client through their photo process as clearly and easily as I can. Planning a wedding is stressful as it is and I want to be sure I can support and help in any way possible.

No matter what bumps you hit along the road in planning, you can always count on me to be there to help. Your big day is all about you, therefore I will be your rock through the day, allowing you to focus on the important parts, everyone that you love gathering around while knowing that your Wedding Photography needs are taken care of.

My job is to take great pictures for you, yes, but it is also to help remove all of the stress from your day so that you can enjoy it and live every moment to the fullest!

Do you offer a 2nd Photographer to all weddings?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no! Allow me to explain. We already have discussed that weddings take quite a bit of planning and can sometimes be BIG! Depending on the size of the wedding, the length of the day and how much coverage you are wanting, we will discuss the options of bringing in another photographer!

Typically, with bringing in another photographer, I coordinate the date/time with fellow photographers in the area to see who would be the best fit to join me on your Special Day! These photographers are all highly talented and are great assets to the wedding day coverage when the day requires an extra set of eyes to capture details from a vantage point!

When can we expect our photos back?

I promise you'll have your photos with in 10-15 weeks.

I do begin editing within the first week to follow you wedding, so...expect some sneak peeks or even a mini gallery reveal within the first 2-4 weeks after your wedding!

Can some of our photos be delivered in both Black & White and Color?

They can yes! I love playing with the images to see what looks the best. Some photos just work in black and white where some work better in color.

Are our digital files watermarked?

There will be two folders within your online gallery. One folder will contain NONWATERMARKED images and the other will contain the WATERMARKED images!

This allows for you to post on Social Media or elsewhere without having to tag me!

How many pictures will we receive?

I get asked this question all the time! The answer is truly - it depends on a number of things:
-The number of guests
- The hours of coverage
- The types of events
- Hours of dancing
and so forth!

If you have questions about image quantity, let's chat about your wedding day plans! This would help me provide some insight and a little more detailed explanation and estimate!

Do we get the RAW (unedited) images?

The RAW (unedited) files are not available for viewing or purchase. This is very much like asking your host at dinner reservations for the leftover ingredients used to make your meal.

The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards and everything that is not delivered doesn't meet those said standards.

Please rest assured that images that are not delivered are truly outtakes! I do not cull to meet a certain number, but to ensure that all photos you receive are to the highest level of quality possible!

Do you need to attend our rehearsal?

Rehearsal dinner coverage is available upon request. This is a great way for me to be able to put names to faces before the big day of moving people around and helps to avoid confusion.

During this time, we can also do a final run through of the timeline, flow of events, and one thing for sure, the ceremony!

Time to say "I Do" to your Photographer!

Well, you've made it this far! Now it is time to meet, and man am I ready!

Weddings & Bridal Sessions are some of my favorites! There are so many fun things to do for a wedding, and picking out a photographer that makes you smile even bigger thinking about your big day and all the moments we get to capture, makes it so much better!

Send me a message over there to the right and let's get this party started!

No matter what time of day we are celebrating, be sure to expect a bottle of Champagne to pop during your Big Day for a little extra MAGIC!

Venue Name Street Name City State ZIP Code

Venue Name Street Name City State ZIP Code

Tell me a little about the two of you! Where did you two meet? What did you think when you first saw your partner? What are some things you enjoy doing together?

What about my photography style grabs your attention and makes you want to work with me?