He Popped the Question!

You obviously said YES!

So now what?!

It's go time! Engagement season goes QUICK! During this time, it is important to check off your to-do list almost daily but be sure to schedule time with your loved one by taking those engagement photos!


Engagement Sessions are all about having fun and embracing in a time full of love, happiness and

We want to understand what makes you two laugh, dance, and maybe even tear up. This way we show up as friends instead of strangers on your wedding day. Getting to know you both during your engagement session allows us to capture the real you on your wedding day. 

To the Mrs!

Doesn't that have a nice "ring" to it?! ;)

Alright ladies - let's talk details!

First things first, I am SO happy for you! This time in your life is so special and I know exactly how you feel. Enjoy the little moments, don't stress to much and just have fun! This time will go by so fast and you don't want to feel like you missed out on the excitement.

So! You're now engaged and looking for photos - perfect! You've come to the right place! When it comes to engagement photos, I encourage you to think about four things when planning your shoot:

Location, Timeframe, Outfits & Season.

Alright Gentlemen!

Here's the deal - as much as you may not want to do these photos, I can promise you, it will be a good time! Yes, you may feel awkward at first, but being in front of the camera will get easier as the session goes on. By the time the wedding day rolls around, you will be strutting and striking all the best poses you got!

Make it through the shoot and you're welcome to have a beer or two!

Choosing the perfect location, time, outfits & more!


I LOVE when couples choose a place that compliments two things: their personalities & their wedding vibes. For example, if you're planning on a rustic/boho wedding, it may be fitting to find a location with flower-filled fields, tall grasses, and trees. On the flip side, if your wedding is more chic & elegant, it may be ideal to take your engagement photos among the architecture downtown at a local venue or somewhere with rich texture and color!

The best session locations are often meaningful places to the couple; however, I am happy to make recommendations! The possibilities are ENDLESS!


When planning your engagement photos, it is important to think about your timeline with planning the wedding - (ask me about my wedding planning services - I am a Certified Wedding Planner!) ;).

Engagement photos should be taken within one to two months of being engaged - allowing time for you to create Save the Dates!

If your wedding is going to be local, Save the Dates should be sent out between 6 to 8 months before the wedding. For destination weddings, you'll want to try and send them out 8 to 10 months before the wedding to allow guests to plan!


The dreaded tsk - finding the right outfit! Ladies - I am here to help. When choosing the perfect outfit for you and your partner, remember that we want to "compliment" each other - not match. For example, if the groom to be is wearing a darker shirt, match it with a light bottom. For the bride to be, you are always welcome to wear white - but also think of wearing softer colors within the "color family" to what the partner is wearing.

Most couples usually choose 2 different outfits to create "different styles" within the photos. I recommend saving your favorite outfit for the end when you're feeling most confident in front of the camera!

And don't forget to bring a few accessories. Statement necklaces, cute shoes and classic watches are great ways to create detail and dimension to an outfit!

Feel free to checkout my Pinterest Page for outfit inspo for each season!


The number one thing I tell clients when they begin the wedding planning process is to think about the date in which they want to have their wedding and then to compliment it with when you choose to shoot your engagement photos. Most engagements happen between October and March!

While I shoot most engagement sessions between October & late May, sessions can take place all year. Most couples choose a season based on the location where they wish to shoot.


A quick but important note: if the weather turns out warmer/cooler than you anticipated when putting together outfits, please adjust what everyone is wearing. Doing a session when it's sweltering and you are overdressed is never fun. Likewise, if a cold front comes through unexpectedly. I will most likely cut sessions short if I think we are too cold/overheated or not having it because of being uncomfortable. The best tip I have is regardless of the weather, always have a sweater to coordinate with outfits so if we get a chilly wind come through, you can stay warm. It is always best to have too many clothes than not enough.

I will be watching the weather all day, likely up to days before. If it doesn't rain but is overcast, we can still do the shoot, in fact, some of the best light is overcast light. If it looks like a 60% or greater chance of rain, we will make the call together to reschedule based on both our schedules.

Illness and Late

Just as important as the weather, are you and your family's health. There isn’t anything worse than being unhappy and feeling sick. You especially do not want to be in front of a camera. At the first sign that you aren’t well, please give me a call and we will reschedule for the soonest available date. Just keep in mind with busy seasons it is harder to schedule in so if anything comes up let me know as soon as possible.

Being late, it happens! Life happens! I get that. I try to only do one session per evening but during the busy season I can have up to two. I will wait up to 15 minutes before having to leave to meet my next session so I am not late for them. My contact information is on almost every email you will get from me so just give me a call if you know you're running behind so I can plan accordingly.

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